The Home Gallery is a dedicated team that is bringing the most revolutionary brands in factory built homes into one curated collection. We discovered the HUD manufactured building code after years of work in traditional design-build construction and custom remodeling. The HUD code was originally focused on homes with wheels that were easy to relocate, but today they have become an entirely different class of building. Every home in The Home Gallery has pre-approved designs and are precision engineered to meet stringent federal codes.

The Home Gallery is reimagining this unique building code, an incredible code that allows us to construct an entire home inside a factory. This system provides the opportunity for inspection during every step of construction, keeps all materials sheltered from weather, and provides short build times. With contemporary style, high end materials and open concept layouts, our homes are attainable, produce less waste during construction, are built fast, and require a fraction of the time on location.

We believe the future of housing should be beautiful, functional and financially attainable, creating the conditions for you to live freely. With the goal of enhancing day-to-day experiences, we push boundaries, creating tailored solutions to the needs of today. As part of our sustainable commitment, we purchase carbon credits to offset carbon emissions for every house that we build. We strive to leave a lasting positive impact on people’s lives and the world we inhabit.