The Home Gallery

Affiliate Program
for Agents

Are you an agent looking to boost your income while providing your clients with top-quality homes? Look no further than The Home Gallery’s Affiliate Program!

Join us today and take advantage of our exclusive offerings.

The Opportunity

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to earn more while offering your clients a smarter housing solution. Sign up for The Home Gallery’s Affiliate Program and start earning marketing fees today.

Marketing Fee

for every ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) SOLD

Marketing Fee

for every Single-Family, Main Residence SOLD

Why Choose Factory-Built Homes from The Home Gallery?

Much Faster to Permit

Skip the long waiting times with our streamlined permitting process.


We handle everything from permitting & entitlement to land preparation, delivery, install and title transfer.

Cheaper Than a Stick-Build

Affordable pricing without compromising on quality or style.

Extensive Warranty

We provide a 7-year Manufacturer’s Warranty and include a 1-year Home Touch-Up, free of charge.

Hassle-Free Architecture & Engineering

All homes come with pre-included architectural and engineering work, saving you time and money.

Unmatched Quality

Our Factory-Built homes are built to the highest standards, providing your clients with a safe and comfortable living space

Trace McGuire
Head of Real Estate

The Home Gallery