The Home Gallery


The Home Gallery offers unique contemporary designs under the manufactured HUD code. Manufactured homes are built to the same standards as traditional construction and are less expensive due to efficiencies in the factory building process. As the value of California land continues to appreciate, building a beautiful home for much less than a conventionally built house is a straightforward investment. With five designs to choose from, we offer customizable finishes and a simpler custom home building experience whether you are developing land, adding an additional dwelling (guest house or ADU), or recovering from a fire.

At The Home Gallery, we walk you through every step of new homeownership: from pre-construction and financing to ordering your home, delivery, and installation. We have confidence in our team and preferred subcontractors, and are committed to taking care of you throughout the process. Our homes are faster to build and permit as the structural plans are stamped in the factory. The Home Gallery ensures a simpler, more efficient way to build.

With over twenty years of experience working in housing and construction, The Home Gallery was born from a desire to specialize in contemporary manufactured homes. Our team is uniquely positioned to help you create the house of your dreams for a price that eclipses traditional, stick-built homes.

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Private Property Requirements

When purchasing a Home Gallery home for residential properties, whether as a main residence or ADU, there are some important factors to take into consideration before ordering your home. Details such as ​​accessibility for delivery, utilities, grading, house position, and permitting can affect the feasibility of the project.

Permits and requirements can vary per project, and the owner pays all permitting fees. We recommend excellent expeditors that can assist in the permitting process to ensure everything is completed in a timely manner. Below is a list of typical requirements that you can expect to see in the permitting process for residential land, all of which an expeditor can assist with:

It’s Time to Get Friendly with Your Local Agencies

The process involves connecting with a number of different agencies. These will be unique to your local location and include the Planning Department, Fire Department, Department of Environmental Health, the Building and Safety Department and potentially others.

No need to feel intimidated, The Home Gallery will manage and help you throughout the entire feasibility and entitlement process and make sure you submit the proper paperwork necessary.

Part 1: Planning Department

Call up your Planning Department! Find the most helpful and friendly person. Chat with them about all requirements needed for installing your dream Factory-Built Home!
Keep this person’s name and number because you will also need to obtain a zoning clearance from them a little further down the road.

Part 2: Geological Survey

What’s going on beneath the surface and around your home? This is the perfect time to figure out if you need to prepare for things like seismic activity. Isn’t earth incredible?
You’ll want to have a professional geological engineer for this part. Then check to see if you’re in a flood zone. This is super helpful information to have. You may also need to hire a civil engineer for grading permits.

Part 3: Architect + Fire Department

Now for the design phase! You can decide whether an architect or draftsperson is right for this. After you work with your top-notch design person it’s time to check in with your local Fire Department. They’ll make sure you’re safe and ready for building!

Part 4: Department of Environmental Health

The Home Gallery team can help you determine if you need to reach out to the Dept. of Environmental Health. They help out with all thing’s sewage and septic. This will depend on the type of services and utilities in your area.

Part 5: Building and Safety Department

Next up, the Building and Safety Department. Everything you’ve acquired now, all permits, exceptions, and detailed plans will be submitted. After this you’ll need all your final documentation and to pay the required fees.

Part 6: Water Utilities

When all things are feeling ready, you’ll need to reach out to your local water service. This is to ensure that they will be providing water to your new home. What you’ll receive from them is a document committing to providing water services. This is often known as a “Will Serve” letter. Once you’ve gotten that and your building permit, you’re ready for delivery and installation!

And now the Fun Part!

The only thing left to do is to move into your “home sweet home” and start making lots of memories.